Royal Enfield debuts at a lower price :

Royal Enfield has begun preparations to launch new bikes in 2022. Accordingly, in two more days i.e. on 10th March a brand new adventure bike will be launched in India. It will be the cheapest and least powerful variant of the Himalayan variant. The name of the bike is Scram 411. This is the first bike to be launched by Royal Enfield this year.

Indian customers have been waiting for this motorcycle for a long time as far as this bike is concerned. What makes this bike special is that it is designed for off-road and off-road driving. That is, the Royal Enfield Scrum 411 is designed to be driven on urban roads rather than just off-roading.

Color for variants

Recently, these adventure bikes, which appeared on the road during test runs, were seen in a combination of two colors, red and black. Although the Scrum 411 bike has been seen on the road many times in the past, this is the first time it has appeared in a dual color combination.The price of this bike is quite low compared to other models in the same variant. That means the maximum price is assumed to be around Rs 1.90 lakh.

The new Scrum 411 will be smaller than the Royal Enfield Himalayan variant. The front of the Himalayan bike features elongated glass, dual seats, luggage rack, and large front wheel. The Skrum 411 bike will have smaller wheels, single sitting seat, LS410, single-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC engine as opposed to those bikes. The 411 cc engine is capable of producing 24.3 bhp.

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