Russia Ukraine War: Big decision! Microsoft turned its back on Russia:

Russia Ukraine War: Russia’s aggression on Ukraine (Russia Ukraine War) was not well received by the whole world. There is constant pressure from the West, increasing sanctions. Microsoft has made a big decision in the wake of Russia’s recent military operation in Ukraine. On Monday, Microsoft Corp. announced that all mobile apps from Russia’s state-run media RT (formerly Russia Today) would be removed from their Windows App Store. Not only that, but all Russian government-sponsored news outlets have been banned.

Microsoft has announced that it will not display any content on Russian government-backed RTs and Sputnik. Bing search engine will also show any Russian subject at the very end. No Russian ads will be shown on any of the sites on this network.

Earlier, Western technology sources imposed sanctions on Russia. Among them is Meta, the parent company of Facebook, as well as Google of Alphabet. All of them have imposed restrictions on Russia’s state-owned media.

Google has banned the download of RT’s mobile app in Ukraine. Prior to that, YouTube had stopped accepting ads from all Russian channels.

Russia has been asked by Facebook to refrain from investing any money. Russia has warned that it will not pay for advertisements on Facebook or anywhere else in the world.

The Microsoft blog post states that the company is making every effort to ensure that no false news is spread. For this, the identification process is being strengthened on behalf of the organization.

Western sanctions against Russia are getting tougher. It is expected that many more companies will start leaving Russia.

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